Kitchen Appliance Trends to Watch

One area of the home that sometimes gets overlooked when it comes to interior decorating is the kitchen. While most of ours are functional and maybe even attractive, there are always new things becoming available to make our kitchens efficient, warm and inviting. We’ve found several kitchen appliance trends worth watching in 2013, and you will find many of them in our Atlanta appliance showroom.

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    Hidden appliances are very popular right now, from microwaves built into cabinets to hiding trash compactors and dishwashers inside the kitchen’s island are highly requested by folks remodeling or building their kitchens. These stylish tricks help with the continuity of your décor and are ideal for organization.

  • Appliances with multiple uses are hot right now. For instance, some newer refrigerator models are equipped with convertible drawers that can act as a wine cooler and microwaves that can be used as warming drawers. These increase space and kitchen efficiency.
  • Stainless steel appliances are still the big must-have for homeowners and the variety of available styles and price ranges are huge.
  • Commercial or professional stoves and refrigerators are also on the hot list right now. Many home gourmet chefs enjoy the increased capacity and efficiency that these appliances offer.

As always Sewell Appliance is here with the products and advice you need. If you’re looking to replace your appliances or to completely remodel your kitchen, then check out our Atlanta appliance showroom, or give us a call today at 404-255-0640.

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